August in Crystals..

August in Crystals..




Traditional Stones for August

August covers the astrological signs of both Leo, until the 22nd and Virgo, for the last 9 days of the month. Both are powerful and dynamic signs, encompassing Fire and Air qualities, creating two different yet equally compelled star signs.

Peridot: A bright to dulled green version of Olivine, this stone is a manifestation of the qualities of self confidence, mental acuity, and protection on the mental level and in the home.

Sardonyx: A layered stone comprising Sard and Onyx, Sard being a member of the Chalcedony family with colouring ranging from orange to red and brown. Sardonyx is also reputed to increase personal integrity and courage, moral reasoning and strengthen our immune system, both internally and externally. Has historically been used to calm night terrors and addictions.

Spinel: This stunning and powerful vibration stone is sometimes called the “Stone of Immortal Beauty”, with a similar tone to rubies and sapphires. Spinel carries a strong energy and resonates with abundance and creative manifestation. It is available in most colours of the rainbow, hence often being mistaken for a variety of other precious gemstones.  Also highly recommended for issues of workaholism and overwork, both indicated by Leo’s pride in their work and inherent stubbornness and Virgo’s steadfastness and over commitment to achieving high standards within their work. A lesson in stepping back and declining overextension of oneself. Valuable as a reminder to let go of stress and anxiety, often used in anxiety and PTSD treatment.


August Astrological Signs and Stones


Strong hearted – Fierce – Loyal – Big Personality – Dynamic – Courageous


Tiger’s Eye: A powerful stone for increasing confidence and balancing masculine energies. Releases fears and helps to create goodwill and self worth. Protective.

Carnelian:  Fosters strong leadership and initiation skills. Shifts feels of despondency and “stuckness”. Motivates one to engage in change. Allows focus on practical issues of money and wealth.

Diamond: A stone of clarity and pure focus, diamonds hone and centre intentions. Their inherent transparency, light and reflective qualities all create a strong opportunity to see through illusion, and trust in the perfection of the whole picture. An excellent stone for ‘over’- achievers to focus on what is important to them.


Organised- Orderly – Mental Clarity- Efficient – Linear – Analytical – Diligent – Focused on Loyal Service to their Work.


Sapphire: As the stone of September, this beautiful stone expresses opposing sides of strength and softness.. Trust, loyalty, lasting bonds. Calming. Secure in self. Able to express our own truth. Higher energetic flow, relaxation and healing.

Chrysocolla- Chrysoprase- Chrysolite: Serenity, vivid expression, transformation, embodied. Hope, optimism, joy, tranquillity and getting in touch with a more Universal love. Releasing emotions, attracting energy, deflecting energy, clear judgement.

Moss Agate: Indicated for balancing brain hemispheres, moving to living from the heart chakra, groundedness and feeling connected to the nature of the whole.


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