Bella Mistico Concept

Bella Mistico Concept



The concept for Bella Mistico came to be from both a love of crystals, and a desire to give a personalised gift to a friend who was going through some massive personal challenges.

I spent a day searching through local stores for the perfect collection of stones to give her.

Being an avid collector of crystals, I had some idea of the metaphysical qualities attributed to different stones, but could not find any hand packaged sets that were designed for the specific purpose I had intended.

In the end, I did my research and put together a set of 7 handpicked stones that were said to be uplifting, healing and powerful helpers in times of change, with a little card detailing their uses.

Anyway, my friend loved it, and what started as a simple idea grew from there.

I spent time sourcing quality suppliers and handpicking stones, often with my 4yo son, which has seen him become a bit of a rock genius with a love of choosing which stones go into particular custom sets.


Our stones are chosen to meet a specific purpose, an intention is set, and we send them on their way.


People seem to love having a personalised gift arrive in the mail, so much so, that we now have customers in most corners of the world. Creating unique gifts for weddings and events has also been an amazing part of our recent expansion, allowing us to share the love to everyone involved.

For thousands of years humans as a collective have been drawn to gemstones as amulets and talismans, for spiritual expansion and connection, as status symbols or gifts of love and protection.


Whether you’re already a devotee to the meanings behind each stone or just love shiny, sparkly stuff that is aesthetically pleasing, Bella Mistico offers something for everyone.


Like anything, the intention set in the stone carries meaning, which is why my favourite part of the process is doing just this.

Every set has a special purpose in mind, with lots of positive energy behind it.


I love working on this project and trust that you will appreciate not just the awesome rocks, but the awesome vibes that come with them.

We are also constantly striving to provide products and packaging that are ethically sourced with a minimal environmental impact, and welcome new suppliers with the same values to get in touch.


Most of all, enjoy the site, and feel free to get in touch with any specific ideas you have in mind. We love customising our gift sets, and will do our utmost to ensure that the receiver opens their package with a massive smile.


Robert DeMonte

Creator/ Founder