Celebrating Our Father’s Gifts


Although not as popular a gift as the usual suspects, gemstone’s are an exceptional gift for men, with history of use dating back thousands of years, through many cultures and generations.


We often associate crystals with females, but many men embraced a variety of jewels as amulets and talismans, during times of war, periods away from home and as a protective symbol worn to ward off ill intentions.


This year, why not consider giving your dad or the father of your children, or a great Dad that you know, a unique stone that has a specific meaning, to represent the strength and meaning of your relationship with him?


Stones can be crafted into unique jewellery that you can gift Dad as a lifelong reminder of how you feel.


Every father has his own unique brand of “Dad”, and the word Father represents many things.

As the first significant role model for both his sons and daughters, a father has the responsibility of showing his children what it means to be a man, and what it means to understand a man.

This creates an imprinted embodiment of the qualities he possesses in the Masculine realm which deeply shape the way his children feel about men, or about becoming a man.  


Positive traits in a father include; a fierce protector of his kin, a provider for his family financially or emotionally, a leading guide of the family, a teacher of life and sharer of wisdom, a dedicated supporter, an altruistic or creative problem solver,  a carer, a man-size playmate, or even comedic value if the universal love of “dad jokes” says anything….


Considering the many traits your father possesses, ask yourself who is your father to you?


What attributes did he carry that shaped your life and the person you are?


Did he embody courage? Respect? Strength? Wisdom? Honour? Integrity? Faith? Success? Confidence? Playfulness? Dedication? Unparaleled BBQ or hobby skills?


What traits of his do you now see in yourself? Keep your vision of him in mind as you consider which stones may be right for him.


Crystals that often resonate with men are those that open the heart chakra (usually green), or earthy tones that help to ground and strengthen the masculine energy.

Diamonds, yellow topaz and malachite are three traditional choices gifted to men for encouraging the creation of wealth and worldly/ business success, and Hematite is excellent at grounding and creating flow for masculine energy.


Our Personal Picks:


  • Onyx: A powerful protector stone, releasing negativity, healing emotional pain.


  • Tiger’s Eye: Luck, Strength, Focus, Clarity, Confidence. Balanced, powerful masculine energy.


  • Jasper (Red): Calms aggression. Creates harmony with the opposite gender and family group, grounding, protective.


  • Citrine: Wealth Creation, Self-Worth, Business Ideas. Excellent for new ventures.


  • Chrysocolla: Opening the heart, communication, expression. Balancing masculine and feminine energies.


  • Amazonite: Incredibly soothing and calming. Absorbs EMR and lowers the stress associated with it, so ideal if your father has a lot of screen time. works with computers often as it is said to absorb EM.

These are just a few suggestions! Any stone that is resonant and supportive of his intentions will be well received. We recommend finding a stone that symbolises what your father brings into your life and reminding him of how much this means to you!

Still unsure? Browse here and use our custom gift pack generator to help you out!

If you have not had a strong, loving relationship with your father, or experienced a loss or trauma here, Father’s Day can bring up feelings that are more challenging.

We have included some suggestions below that may be helpful in supporting the healing process with your Father energy.

  • Black Tourmaline: Highly protective and may be beneficial relating to healing of abuse, excess negativity and toxic Father relationships.


  • Sunstone: Wonderful for shifting deep sadness and abandonment trauma, and bringing in new confidence and joy.


  • Yellow Topaz: An excellent choice for those with absent or unknown fathers. Helps to manifest confidence, strength, aligned will, success and positive masculine energy within your own life. Helps to embrace being a father when no father was present in your life.


  • Rose Quartz or Kunzite: Offering soothing and comforting for those who have lost their father, or who grew with a high level of conflict between their father and mother.


  • Green Tourmaline: An incredible healer for both children with trauma related to their father, and father’s who are struggling to parent their children. It is said to allow the user to see clearly the underlying patterns and root causes of father issues and shift the cycle into a positive new pattern.


Use today to identify and celebrate the role of our dad and all that he has brought into our world, or to bring some peace and healing if .

A father may come in the form of a biological or blood father, a step-father, adopted father, an “in-law”, godfather, uncle or grandfather. Honouring the men who have raised us and helped us grow into the person we have become today by their investment of time, love and energy is the reason we celebrate them on this special day- so make sure you let the men in your life know how much that means to you.


Bella Mistico wishes all the dad’s out there a very blessed and relaxed Father’s Day…